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    Vanderbilt Mansion

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    Upon arrival to Vanderbilt Visitor Center, visitors may purchase tickets for the next available tour, although available tours may be some hours after arrival time. Visitors may choose to reserve in advance at least one day before. More »

Downloadable Maps

Hyde Park Trail Map - (PDF - 1.93MB)
The Hyde Park trail connects the three units of the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt NHS. Open daily during daylight hours.


- Bicycles are prohibited December - February

- Bicycles are only allowed on the main Lane from March - November. All other trails are prohibited from bicycle use.

Dedicated on November 15, 2008.

History of the Farm Lane


Report Safety & Security Issues to (845) 229-9380 Report Trail Maintenance Issues to (845) 229-1521

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt NHS driving map - (PDF - 16.3Kb)
Directions for driving between the three units of the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt NHS

Vanderbilt Mansion NHS site map - (PDF - 75Kb)
Grounds map of the Vanderbilt Mansion NHS

Home of Franklin Roosevelt NHS site map - PDF - 79.4KB)
Grounds map of the Home of Franklin Roosevelt NHS

Eleanor Roosevelt NHS site map not available at this time.

Did You Know?

Vanderbilt Pavilion/Visitor Center

The Vanderbilt Pavilion (Visitor Center) was constructed in 1895 in only 66 days at a cost of $50,000.