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    The USS Arizona Memorial, museums, theaters and ticket counter and snack shop will be closed Saturday, October 18, 2014. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center bookstore and grounds will remain open until 2pm. The park will remain closed Sunday, October 19, 2014

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    The Shrine Room of the USS Arizona Memorial will be closed for construction for approximately 5 weeks. Access to the USS Arizona Memorial will still be available during this time and viewing of the construction will be visible.

U.S. Army Air Forces Casualties

United States Army Air Force
Bellows Field, 2 Hickam Field, 182
Wheeler Field, 33

Bellows Field

44th Pursuit Squadron

Hans C. Christiansen, 2d Lt George A. Whiteman, 2d Lt.

Hickam Field

4th Reconnaissance Squadron

Lawrence R. Carlson, Pvt Donald F. Meahger, Cpl
Louis Schleifer, PFC

HQ Sqd 5th Bombardment Group

George P. Bolan, SSgt Richard A. Dickerson, Cpl
Alfred Hays, Pvt Richard E. Livingston, Pvt
George M. Martin, Jr., Sgt

7th Aircraft Squadron (Weather)

Harold W. Borgelt, Cpl Daniel A. Dyer, Jr., TSgt
Sherman Levine, PFC James M. Topalian, Cpl

HQ Sqd 11th Bombardment Group

Robert L. Avery, Cpl Robert S. Brown, Pvt
Edward J. Cashman, TSgt Donal V. Chapman, PFC
Monroe M. Clark, SSgt Robert H. Gooding, Pvt
James A. Horner, PFC George F. Howard, PFC
Lawrence P. Lyons, Jr., Pvt Wallae R. Martin, 1st Sgt
William W. Merithew, PFC George A. Moran, Pvt
Herman C. Reuss, TSgt Robert M. Richey, 1st Lt
Harry E. Smith, Pvt Edward F. Vernick, PFC
Marion H. Zaczkiewicz, PFC

HQ Sqd 17th Air Base Group

Jerry M. Angelich, Pvt Malcolm J. Brummwell, 1st Lt
Jack A. Downs, Pvt Paul R. Eichelberger, Pvt
Arnold E. Field, Pvt Joseph Jedrysik, Pvt
Andrew J. Kinder, Pvt Herbert E. McLaughlin, Pvt
Emmett E. Morris, Cpl Joseph F. Nelles, PFC
Willard C. Orr, PFC Halvor E. Rogness, Pvt
Leo H. Surrells, Pvt

18th Air Base Squadron

Joseph Bush, Pvt John H. Couhig, Pvt
Harold C. Elyard, SSgt Willard E. Fairchild, Pvt
Paul V. Fellman, SSgt Homer E. Ferris, TSgt
Stuart H. Fiander, Pvt James J. Gleason, PFC
Otto C. Klein, Pvt Harry W. Lord, Jr., Pvt
Joseph Malatak, Pvt Russell M. Penny, Pvt
Allen G. Rae, Pvt George J. Smith, PFC
Elmer W. South, Pvt Hermann K. Tibbets, Jr., Pvt
George W. Tuckerman, Pvt Martin Vanderelli, Pvt
Walter H. Wardigo, Pvt Lawton J. Woodworth, Pvt
Thomas M. Wright, Pvt Virgil J. Young, Pvt

HQ Sqd 18th Bombardment Wing

Garland C. Anderson, Pvt Manfred C. Anderson, Pvt
Gordon R. Bennett, Jr., Pvt Frank G. Boswell, Pvt
Frank B. Cooper, Pvt John E. Cruthirds, PFC
Robert C. Duff, Jr., Pvt Lyle O. Edwards, Pvt
Russell E. Gallagher, Pvt James E. Gossard, Jr., PFC
Johon S. Greene, 1st Lt Earl A. Hood, Pvt
Theodore K. Joyner, Pvt Edmund B. Lepper, Sgt
Durward A. Meadows, PFC LaVerne J. Needham, Cpl
Paul L. Staton, Pvt Anderson G. Tennison, PFC

19th Transport Squadron

William T. Anderson, Cpl William T. Blakley, Pvt
Russell C. Defenbaugh, Pvt Joseph H. Guttmann, Pvt
John J. Horan, Pvt Carl A. Johnson, Pvt
Olaf A. Johnson, PFC Doyle Kimmey, SSgt
James I. Lewis, PFC William E. McAbee, PFC
Stanley A. McLeod, Sgt Walter D. Zuckoff, Pvt

22nd Materiel Squadron

Arthur F. Boyle, Pvt Billy O. Brandt, SSgt
Rennie V. Brower, Jr., Pvt William J. Brownlee, Pvt
Brooks J. Brubaker, Pvt Weldon C. Burlison, Pvt
Leroy R. Church, Pvt Jack H. Feldman, Pvt
Leo E. A. Gagne, Pvt Allen E. W. Goudy, Pvt
William E. Hasenfuss, Jr.,PFC James R. Johnson, Pvt
Robert H. Johnson, Pvt Marion E. King, Jr., Pvt
Roderick O. Klubertanz, Pvt John H. Mann, SSgt
James J. McClintock, PFC Horace A. Messam, PFC
Victor L. Meyers, Pvt Edwin N. Mitchell, Cpl
Thomas F. Philipsky, PFC William F. Shields, Pvt
Ralph S. Smith, PFC John B. Sparks, PFC
Merton I. Staples, Pvt Jerome J. Szematowicz, PFC
William F. Timmerman, Pv tErnest M. Walker, Jr., Pvt

23rd Bombardment Squadron

Lee I. Clendenning, PFC Richard L. Coster, Pvt
Byron G. Elliott, Pvt William Hislop, PFC
Howard N. Lusk, Pvt Lionel J. Moorhead, PFC

23rd Materiel Squadron

Francis E. Campiglia, Pvt Herbert B. Martin, 1Sgt
Joseph G. Moser, Pvt Frank St. E. Posey, TSgt
Raymond E. Powell, TSgt William T. Rhodes, PFC
Maurice J. St. Germain, Pvt James E. Strickland, Jr., Pvt
Joseph S. Zappala, Pvt Walter J. Zuschlag, SSgt

26th Bombardment Squadron

Felix Bonnie, SSgt Clarence A. Conant, Pvt
Frank J. DePolis, SSgt Patrick l. Finney, Cpl
Elwood R. Gummerson, SSgt Vincent J. Kechner, Pvt
Robert H. Markley, 2d Lt Jay E. Pietzsch, 2d Lt
Antonio S. Tafoya, Cpl Robert H. Westbrook, Jr., Pvt

31st Bombardment Squadron

Jack W. Fox, PFC Frank J. Lango, Pvt
William M. Northway, Pvt Felix S. Wegrzyn, Pvt

38th Reconnaissance Squadron

William R. Schick, 1st Lt

42nd Bombardment Squadron

Leland V. Beasley, William Coyne, Jr., PFC
Eugene B. Denson, PFC Robert R. Garrett, Cpl
Charles l. Hrusecky, Pvt Joseph N. Jencuis, Pvt
Robert R. Kelley, PFC Hal H. Perry, Jr., Pvt
Carey k. Stockwell, Pvt

50th Reconnaissance Squadron

Ralph Alois, SSgt Louis H. Dasenbrock, Pvt
John T. Haughey, Pvt. Clarence E. Hoyt, PFC
Henry J. Humphrey, SSgt Lester H. Libolt, Cpl
Harell K. Mattox, PFC William H. Offutt, Cpl

72nd Bombardment Squadron

Edward R. Hughes, Pvt John J. Kohl, PFC
George Price, Pvt

1st Photo Group, attached to Ferry Command

These airmen, originally attached to the 44th Bomb Group, arrived In Hawaii two days prior to the attack to outfit their plane for a secret Photo mission. They were killed on the ground and their B-24 was destroyed near Hangar 15

Louis G. Moslener, Jr., 2d Lt Daniel J. Powloski, Pvt

Wheeler Field

46th Pursuit Squadron

Donald D. Plant, Pvt Gordon H. Sterling, Jr., 2d Lt

47th Pursuit Squadron

John l. Dains, 2d Lt
Shot down by "friendly fire"

72nd Pursuit Squadron

Edward J. Burns, 1st Sgt Malachy J. Cashen, Cpl
Dean W. Cebert, Pvt William C. Creech, PFC
James Everett, SSgt Paul B. Free, SSgt
Joseph E. Good, SSgt James E. Guthrie, SSgt
Robert L. Hull, Pvt George G. Leslie, Pvt
John A. Price, SSgt

73rd Pursuit Squadron

James M. Barksdale, SSgt

78th Pursuit Squadron

Vincent M. Horan, Cpl Morris E. Stacey, Sgt

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Japanese aerial bomb that struck the forward section of the USS Arizona ignited the forward magazine causing a catastrophic explosion that sunk the battleship in nine minutes.