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    Valley Forge

    National Historical Park Pennsylvania

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The Friends of Valley Forge Park sponsor educational, interpretive and awareness programs, foster and encourage conservation, and assist in the collection and preservation of historically significant artifacts and structures. The Friends assume this role as a means of support to ensure that Valley Forge will continue to remain a significant historical event and place in our country's history.

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Muster Roll

Roots to the Revolution
The Valley Forge Muster Roll Project has made it's digital debut! During the American Revolution the Continental Army used monthly muster rolls prepared at the company level to track the army's strength. Each roll contains names, ranks, dates of enlistment, and other notes on soldiers' assignments, activities, or conditions. These records are perhaps the most reliable method to track the service of Revolutionary War soldiers.

Today you can search through the Muster Roll for soldiers by their last name, state, or regiment. Visit the NEW Muster Roll website for details, and let the search begin!

Did You Know?

Photo of General Washington's Headquarters from the early 20th century

Following the Civil War, a patriotic organization worked to raise funds to purchase the Isaac Potts house as an historic site. By the 1880's, the house was open to the public, followed by the establishment of Valley Forge State Park in 1893.