• Log huts are coated in a fresh layer of snow

    Valley Forge

    National Historical Park Pennsylvania

Muhlenberg Brigade

Rain falls onto huts built at the location of Muhlenberg's brigade.

Valley Forge NHP

Tour Stop #2

Living History Programs
Living history interpreters and volunteers staff the Muhlenberg Brigade area on weekends during the spring and fall and daily during the summer. It is the site of a brigade encampment led by General Peter Muhlenberg, the area is the perfect place to learn about the construction of the encampment and the daily routine of the soldiers.

Did You Know?

Volunteers repaint artillery on National Public Lands Day

The tradition of citizen stewardship began in the 1870s and continues every day, as park volunteers and partners participate in the ongoing work of preservation and interpretation. Each of them shares the vision of the Park as a meaningful place.