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Surviving and Thriving - Lesson 7: The March Out

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Grade Level:
Fifth Grade-Eighth Grade
Colonial History, Military and Wartime History, Revolutionary War
Group Size:
Up to 24 (4-8 breakout groups)
National/State Standards:
Pennsylvania State Standards:
8.1: Historical Analysis and Skills Development
8.1.6. A, 8.1.6. C, 8.1.7. A, 8.1.7. C, 8.1.8. A, 8.1.8. C

Common Core Standards:
RH.6-8.2, WHST.6-8.1a-f, WHST.6-8.4, WHST.6-8.9


The summer of 1778 was a joyous time for the army as it left the confines of Valley Forge, but what happened from here? This module focuses on showing students that the war for independence did not end at Valley Forge, but instead, continued for several more years…the question: if you survived Valley Forge what happened after?


 In the seventh and final lesson of this unit, students will construct a hypothesis about the movement of Washington's army at the conclusion of the Valley Forge encampment and then evaluate a map of the actual movements of Washington's army as the war for independence progressed after Valley Forge.

Each student must remember that he/she is also moving through the steps of the module from the perspective of an individual Continental soldier who is ultimately assessing his/her ability to successfully "survive and thrive" while encamped at Valley Forge. 


The "Surviving and Thriving" unit is broken into seven lesson plans. A class needn't complete every lesson in the unit, though some lessons do refer to one another and are better done in sequence. However, each lesson comes with its own set of objectives and resources.

Throughout the unit, students will evaluate and understand the winter encampment site at Valley Forge (1777-78) by taking part in the life of a member of the Continental Army as it marched into Valley Forge, was challenged by multiple elements, and then potentially exited to continue the war for independence against the British. 

We suggest that students be placed in small, heterogeneous groups which can then move as independent entities through the lessons. The students within a group will individually complete the "Survival Rubric" with each learning module to determine, at the completion of the curriculum, how successfully he/she has "survived and thrived" by virtue of their individual "survival score." 

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