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Delaware Highlands Conservancy - Eagle Institute

Mature Eagle on Ice with Fish

Mature eagle with fish on the Delaware River.

Scott Rando

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy - Eagle Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the healthy lands and waters, eagles and other wildlife, and locally sustainable economies of the Upper Delaware River region. The winter field office provided by the National Park Service in Lackawaxen, PA serves as a center of information for visitors looking to learn more about viewing and protecting eagles, and is staffed on weekends in January and February. The Delaware Highlands Conservancy offers educational eagle-viewing bus tours and provides assistance to visitors at eagle-watching sites in the Upper Delaware River region.

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy - Eagle Institute could not provide its valuable services without the help of volunteers. Many volunteer opportunities exist:

Eagle Monitor: Volunteers are trained to collect data about the eagles that can help with resource management and protection decisions. Volunteers also collect data about the people who come to see the eagles. Those stationed at popular viewing locations help eagle watchers locate, view and enjoy the eagles and provide helpful information by answering questions, giving directions and promoting "Eagle Etiquette."

Most be available weekends, January - March, be able to tolerate cold temperatures, and have a congenial and helpful personality.

The Delaware Highland - Eagle Institute Field Office in Lackawaxen, PA

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy - Eagle Institute Field Office in Lackawaxen, PA.

National Park Service

Habitat Trip Guides: Volunteers are trained to escort groups to eagle habitat areas for tours. Usually weekends or weekdays for school groups. January-March.

Visitor Contact Station/Office: Volunteers who do not want to withstand the cold temperatures are encouraged to sign up for office duty, providing helpful information to visitors who stop in at the Lackawaxen, PA field office during the eagle viewing season. Some office/clerical duties involved.

To volunteer. contact the Delaware Highlands Conservancy - Eagle Institute at 570-226-3164, email volunteer@delawarehighlands.org.

Did You Know?

Zane Grey looking into a canyon

Prolific western author Zane Grey lived in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania from 1905-1918. He began his writing career relating stories of his experiences fishing along the Upper Delaware River. Lackawaxen always held a special place in his memories, and was chosen as the site of his final resting place.