• White Haven Main House and Outbuildings

    Ulysses S Grant

    National Historic Site Missouri


Jefferson National Parks Association (JNPA) operates the park's bookstore. A portion of their sales revenue is returned to the park to support interpretive and educational activities at the site.

A wide range of items are available in the sales area, including books (Grant memoirs and biographies, Civil War, presidential, African-American, St. Louis, and women's history), children's books, activities and toys, videos & CDs, Grant presidential china, shirts, and site-specific items like postcards, prints, T-shirts, magnets, key chains and mugs.

A selection of these items are available for ordering through the association website:

JNPA On-line Catalog

Did You Know?

Ulysses S. Grant writing his Memoirs

Ulysses S. Grant completed his famous Memoirs just days before his death. They have been acclaimed as one of the best military histories ever written, favorably compared to Julius Caesar's Commentaries.