• White Haven Main House and Outbuildings

    Ulysses S Grant

    National Historic Site Missouri

Bicycling Information

In addition to surface roads, Ulysses S. Grant NHS is served by Grant's Trail, an 8-mile long hiking and biking path that was converted from a railroad track established during President Grant's ownership of the White Haven property.

Today the trail is owned by St. Louis County Parks and administered by TrailNet. More information about Grant's Trail, including maps, parking, and mileage, can be found at the trail website.

entrance sign 6-13 with trail
Entrance to Ulysses S. Grant NHS with Grant's Trail on right.
Ulysses S. Grant NHS

Did You Know?

1860 White Haven

Ulysses Grant freed the only slave he is known to have owned, William Jones, in March 1859. It is unclear exactly when or why he acquired Jones from his father-in-law, Colonel Frederick Dent.