• White Haven Main House and Outbuildings

    Ulysses S Grant

    National Historic Site Missouri


Parking Lot
There are two marked handicap spaces, one with room to exit a vehicle to the left and one with room to exit a vehicle on the right.

Visitor Center
The visitor center is fully accessible. The theater features an induction loop for visitors with T-coil enabled hearing aides. Park staff can also provide receivers with assistive and descriptive listening for the film.

Historic House and Outbuildings
The house and outbuildings are approximately 400 feet from the visitor center. All but one room of the house is wheelchair accessible. All outbuildings are accessible.

The museum in the historic stable is wheelchair accessible.

Did You Know?

Julia Grant with sons, Ulysses Jr. & Fred

Julia Grant with sons Ulysses Jr. and Fred. The picture was taken in 1854, when Grant was stationed on the West Coast. Separated from his family, he asked Julia to send him a picture. Shortly after receiving the photo, Grant resigned from the military to rejoin his family at White Haven.