• A storm gathers behind the pueblo at Tuzigoot


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Operation: Military Kids Podcast

OMK Teamwork Group records audio while grinding corn

This group recorded audio for their podcast while they ground corn on a traditional matate.


Stories with a View: Lifeskills Through the Eyes of Military Kids

On a recent Saturday military kids from across Arizona spent their day learning about Tuzigoot National Monument, the pueblo, and the Sinaguan culture that lived here. The program is a new partnership between the National Park Service and Arizona Operation: Military Kids - University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. At the end of the day the military kids had made digital stories sharing their viewpoints of this prehistoric site. The military kids came up with amazing videos - in just one day! Watch the episodes below to see how the resiliency life skills these military kids, and each of us, use every day are the same skills the Sinagua used 800 years ago.

We will be posting one video each week, for six weeks - so bookmark this page and check back often! At the end of the six weeks all videos in the podcast will be posted together.
*We will be likely be on hiatus over the holidays. Sorry for the delay!*

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Arizona Operation Military Kids (OMK) is a grant funded USDA & Department of Defense program at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development which enhances resiliency among geographically dispersed National Guard & Reserve youth before, during and after the deployment of a loved one. More information about Arizona OMK can be found at http://www.operationmilitarykids.org or "Like" Arizona OMK on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ArizonaOMK







Did You Know?

Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot is an Apache word meaning 'crooked water'. The ruins at Tuzigoot National Monument were named by an Apache member of the excavation crew, referring to nearby Pecks Lake.