• Sunlight illuminates the top of historic Mission San José de Tumacácori church.


    National Historical Park Arizona

Windows and Door Casings

The original door and window casings of the Tumacácori Mission church were built of wood. As those casings deteriorate from dry rot, termites, and other aging processes, it is necessary to duplicate the originals and replace them, filling in with new lime plaster and sometime portions of the adobe blocks that have fallen away.
Making a historic window casing
Photo by Jana Tschopp
Preparing to remove old wood
Photo by Jana Tschopp
Work on the interior of the window
Photo by Jana Tschopp
Work on the exterior of the window
Photo by Jana Tschopp

Did You Know?

Mountains above Rancho Arizona

Arizona takes its name from a ranch of the same name, meaning "the good oak tree" in Basque, established by Bernardo de Urrea in 1735 in the rugged, mountain country about forty miles southwest of Tumacácori.