• View of the Tule Lake Segregation Center from guard tower on top of Castle Rock

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Mr. Nagashima's Luggage

The Story of Mr. Yasuhei Nagashima's Luggage

"I should like to state here that when I made my origrnal claim, I didn't claim anything for the truck because at that time I didn't know you could claim for anything after you sold it, no matter how little you got" (From Mr. Nagashima's testimony in court.)

Follow along on the remarkable journey of Mr. Nagashima and his luggage as he was moved from place to place during the time of his internment. Mr. Nagashima's case was not unique. Read the court transcript>

Mr. Nagashima's Luggage
Luggage being off loaded from a train at the Tule Lake Segregation Center

Did You Know?

Cross on Castle Rock

Internees prior to segregation put up the original wooden cross on castle rock. In 1974 the wooden cross fell down. Local farmers and businessmen donated their time and materials to construct the metal cross that can now be seen standing in place of the wooden cross.