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    Trail Of Tears

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National Trails staff worked with partners to create a Trail of Tears retracement hiking trail, signage, and exhibits in September 2010. Here is one outdoor exhibit example.

Walk in Their Footsteps exhibit
This exhibit presents the reality of the Cherokee’s 800-mile journey.
You will find it when you first step onto the historic road that follows the Trail of Tears.

In Pope County, Illinois, officials and members of the public celebrated a sign unveiling event that will help the public to visit original route segments of the Trail of Tears.

Pope County Illinois original route sign unveiled

Did You Know?

Elkhorn Tavern at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

President Andrew Jackson began to aggressively implement a broad policy of Indian removal in the 1830s. This policy, combined with the discovery of gold on Cherokee land in northern Georgia in 1828, led to their removal to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) on the Trail of Tears.