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Significant Places on the Trail of Tears

Below is an assortment of National Register of Historic Places nomination forms for sites along the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Most of these nominations are the result of partnership activities between the National Park Service and various partners. They represent the ongoing effort to preserve, protect, and understand the Trail of Tears and its place in American history. Please visit this web page regularly to see what new sites on the trail are being nominated to the National Register.

To respect landowner wishes, some sites are designated with address restrictions. In those cases, only the site significance section of the nomination form is available for public review.


Blackfish Lake Ferry Site (Listed, April 10, 2003. Information Restricted)

Fort Smith to Jackson Road - Talbert's Ferry Segments (Listed, September 22, 2004. Information Restricted)

Memphis to Little Rock Road - Brownsville Segment (Listed, September 27, 2003. Information Restricted)

Memphis to Little Rock Road - Henard Cemetery Road Segment (Listed, May 30, 2003)

Memphis to Little Rock Road - Village Creek Segment (Listed, April 11, 2003)

Military Road - Cadron Segment (Listed, January 28, 2004. Information Restricted)

Did You Know?

Elkhorn Tavern at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

President Andrew Jackson began to aggressively implement a broad policy of Indian removal in the 1830s. This policy, combined with the discovery of gold on Cherokee land in northern Georgia in 1828, led to their removal to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) on the Trail of Tears.