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Transportation Program Accomplishments

The National Park Service (NPS) transportation system provides access to America's national parks while protecting the natural and cultural resources that make up the park system. Because of the value national parks provide to all Americans, the maintenance of the public’s access to them is a federal responsibility.

The NPS seeks to provide users and visitors with comfortable, safe and efficient transportation by managing its transportation program according to two themes.

The first theme is to invest wisely in core transportation infrastructure through sound asset management principles, in accordance with the NPS Call to Action. The NPS is implementing its Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) and emphasizing data-driven asset management. Strategies include maintaining the highest priority transportation assets in good condition, considering the total cost of facility ownership, and deprioritizing investments which expand operations and maintenance needs.

The second theme is to address transportation needs beyond the capacity of the core program. This involves rehabilitation of large and/or unique transportation assets, functional obsolescence of NPS facilities, and projects of significant interest, such as the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.

The report, Federal Lands Transportation Program Accomplishments: Fiscal Year 2013 (released in July 2014) reports the goals and achievements of the National Park Service transportation program as required by the
Implementation Guidance for the Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP).

The full Accomplishments report can be downloaded here as a .pdf file (740k).