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    Mega-Projects: Transportation Needs Beyond the

    Capacity of the Core Program

    The NPS transportation system is supported, in part, by funds from the Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP). Currently, the NPS receives about $250M/year from the FLTP. These funds are apportioned by formula among the seven NPS Regions. Most of these funds are used for “transportation asset management” – that is, to pay for the work required to keep existing assets in good condition. There are some projects, such as a major bridge repair or ship replacement, that require a much larger amount of funding than is available on an annual basis to the Region. These we call “Mega Projects.”

    Rehabilitate Roadways in Mount Rainier NP Rehabilitate Roadways in Mount Rainier NP  
    Memorial Bridge Repair/Replacement
    Anacostia Riverwalk 
    Denali Road Reconstruction
    Colonial Parkway Reconstruction
    NER Road Safety
    NER Multi-modal
    Delaware Water Gap Road Reconstruction
    Ranger III
    Foothills Parkway
    Yellowstone Road Reconstruction
    Natchez Trace Parkway Road Reconstruction
    Natchez Trace Multi-use trails
    Toklat River Bridge and Causeway Replacement
    Manassas National Battlefield Park Bypass
    Exit Glacier Road Reconstruction — Kenai Fjords NP
    Blue Ridge Parkway Road and Bridge Reconstruction
    Main Entrance Road Rehabilitation - Arches N.P.
    Tamiami Trail Modification