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Welcome to TEL

Student using a push to talk microphone to ask the instructor a question

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Network is the mechanism whereby thousands of National Park Service employees receive competency based training at or near their work site at little or no cost to them. The Network has over 230 receiving Stations (Site Locations) across the Service spanning six time zones. The highly interactive training allows students immediate access to their instructor. This interactivity is the key component to the success of the broad and varied training opportunities.

The Course Catalog lists most of the training opportunities available in the past with the Schedule showing actual training events that are on the calendar. The National Park Service now uses a Learning Management System called DOI Learn to register for training events. Go to the DOI Learn tab for instructions on logging onto the system and finding the training that will fulfill any gaps in your competencies.

Student materials/participant guides can be downloaded on the Participant Guide tab.

If you are looking for instructions on how to operate your TEL station at your site, contract information, or you would like to see which classes are available for video and supervision credit, this can all be found in Reference Documents.

The TEL Network and interactive distance learning training opportunities have grown at a tremendous rate over the past few years. The vision and goal is to continue to provide high quality competency based training opportunities at or near your duty station. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions to improve the system or process, don't hesitate to contact the TEL Team.

Dave B. Dahlen
Acting Program Manager
Distance Learning Center

Ryan Jennings
IT Specialist
Distance Learning Center

David Barton
Instructional Systems Designer
Distance Learning Center

Mary Robinson
Training Specialist
Distance Learning Center

Katrina Fritts
Operations Chief
Distance Learning Center

Terry Pendergraft
Resource Assistant
Distance Learning Center

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