Significant Case Law to the Natural Resource Career Field

Provided are examples of pertinent case law to the history and authority of the National Park Service (NPS). These cases provide a brief and limited overview of litigation that impacts the mission and functioning of the NPS. To learn more about case law that affects the Park System visit the Natural Resource Catalog page to find a law and policy course that meets your needs. This page is still under planning and development, please visit in the future for further updates.

Kleppe v. New Mexico

June 17, 1976  
Kleppe v. New Mexico LexisNexis Case  

US v. Gettysburg Electric Railway Company

January 27, 1896

NRA v. Potter

February 24, 1986

NRA v. Potter LexisNexis Case  

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance v. Dabney

August 15, 2000