Career Academy for Natural Resources

The career academy provides a developmental pathway to allow employees to acquire and refine their skills in meeting job requirements, position competencies, the National Park Service (NPS) mission, and personal development goals. It can be utilized by employees at any point in their career to assist in career planning and professional development, but will also build on the NPS Fundamentals program. New employees will see the logical progression from NPS Fundamentals into their career academy as they advance through entry/developmental, journey and advanced performance levels. The core offerings of each career field will address career-specific processes, content, and competency needs.

The Career Academy for Natural Resources is being designed to address the seven natural resource competencies of employees at each level of their position from entry through journey level. Learning opportunities will be developed around the competencies required to perform specific positions. The Career Academy for Natural Resources will incorporate a wide variety of instructional methods, taking advantage of an expanding array of e-learning technologies, coaching, mentoring, detail opportunities, and face-to-face experiences when that method best serves the desired developmental outcomes. Program information will be accessible on the internet, and monitored for currency and connectivity. The Career Academy for Natural Resources will foster rigor and assessment, enabling both employee and supervisor to monitor progress and adjust learning strategies to help meet the mission of the National Park Service.

As part of the academy’s goal of creating an environment of excellence, participants will be able to access the content of other career fields to meet their specific job needs. For instance, when leadership development opportunities are desired, an employee will access the learning opportunities from the suite offered by the leadership development program.


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