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 Training Center

In undertaking its mission, the Historic Preservation Training Center is:


          Training Preservation Craftspeople

          Preserving Historic Resources Today

          Promoting Historic Preservation as the Key to the Future





The Historic Preservation Training Center

(HPTC) is currently located in Frederick,

Maryland. The headquarters/administrative

office is located within the Monocacy National

Battlefield at the historic Gambrill House. The

shop is currently located in the historic Jenkins

Cannery building in downtown Frederick,

Maryland. The HPTC staff and trainees currently total approximately 60 employees.



The major programs and services provided by the HPTC are:

          a three year training program for NPS Exhibit and Preservation Specialists

          services for the treatment of NPS, Federal, State, or locally owned historic properties

          extensive outreach training programs aimed at building the skills of personnel responsible for the maintenance and preservation of historic properties



Superintendent, Thomas McGrath
Historic Preservation Training Center

4801A Urbana Pike
Frederick, MD 21704
(301) 663-8206

Fax (301) 663-8032

The Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the historic structures of the National Park Service and its partners by demonstrating outstanding leadership in preservation education and skills and crafts development.


The HPTC utilizes historic preservation projects as its main vehicle for teaching preservation philosophy, building crafts, building technology, and project management skills. This teamwork approach assures flexibility in addressing the unknown conditions during the project and ensures that the goals of preservation are met.


2006 HPTC Annual Report



National Park Service

Department of the Interior


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