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  HPTC Mission Statement




The Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) is dedicated to the safe preservation and maintenance of national parks or partner facilities by demonstrating outstanding leadership, delivering quality preservation services, and developing educational courses that fulfill the competency requirements of Service employees in the career fields of Historic Preservation Skills, Risk Management, Maintenance, and Planning, Design, and Construction.


 HPTC History

                                   The HPTC was founded in  1977 to meet the growing demand for craft skills development for NPS employees tasked with preserving the thousands of historic structures within the National Park System.  In 1995, the Center joined the NPS Training and Development Division to become one of four NPS Training Centers.

 The HPTC is currently located in Frederick, Maryland.  The headquarters/administrative office is located within the Monocacy National Battlefield at the historic Gambrill House.

  The Shop is located in the historic Jenkins Cannery building in downtown Frederick. The HPTC staff and trainees currently total approximately 70.





























































Masonry Section - HPTC


Moss Rudley, Supervisory Exhibits Specialist   Area of Responsibility: Masonry Team and HPTC Program Instruction                                      Office: (301) 698-5784 ext. 205 Fax: (301) 682-4576 Email: moss_rudley@nps.gov

Scott Jones, Exhibits Specialist                            Area of Responsibility:  Assistant to Masonry Team Supervisor                                                     Office: (301) 698-5784 ext.221 Fax: (301) 682-4576  Email: scott_jones@nps.gov


News and Announcements

Congratulations and best wishes to Dominic DeRubis who retired in December of 2010.


Askins Achievement Award Presented to Dominic DeRubis

On Friday, August 5th, retired HPTC mason leader Dominic DeRubis was awarded the 2011 Askins Achievement Award at a ceremony at the 15th Annual International Preservation Trades Network Workshop.

The award is named in honor of James S. (Jim) Askins, founder of the National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Program, and recognizes contributions to the preservation trades for the continuance of traditional building skills, advocacy of training in preservation trades, practicing a building trade at  the master level of skill and knowledge, and extraordinary effort given to advancing the awareness of traditional building trade skills and knowledge. 

Winners of the Askins Achievement Award represent more than just quality work and good ethics Ė they are also recognized as trade leaders who challenge others to work for the betterment of the community around them.

The workshop was held at the campus of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Sponsors were the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. IPTW 2011 brought  together hundreds of the best preservation and traditional trades crafts people, as well as preservation architects, preservation consultants, building trades contractors and others from the US, Canada, Europe and beyond. This yearís workshop offered a unique opportunity to see some of the finest crafts people at work and learn more about how historic building preservation is accomplished in construction.

The 2011 Askins Award recognized the skill and craftsmanship that DeRubis demonstrated with his work on numerous National Historical Landmark and National Register historic structures throughout the USA. DeRubisí tremendous talent with stone, brick, and mortar, his patience, his knowledge of historic masonry techniques and materials, his humor, and, most importantly, his ability to communicate his trade skill and knowledge to others were cited as supporting factors for his selection.

Dom entered the masonry trade as a young boy.  Later he joined the union and completed an apprenticeship program while working with the family masonry firm in central Pennsylvania.  For the better part of the next 30 years, Dom remained employed as a mason in the private sector.  During this career, Dom developed a broad range of masonry skills, many at the masterís level. 

In 1989 Dom joined the National Park Serviceís Williamsport Preservation Training Center, today known as the Historic Preservation Training Center. Domís role at the HPTC, until his retirement in January 2011, was to serve as the lead mason on preservation projects and serve a masonry instructor for the center. 

During his tenure with HPTC, Dom taught literally hundreds of employees of the National Park Service and its partners, reaching people from Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and Maine.  Domís master level masonry skills were sought out and applied to the preservation of some of Americaís great historic structures, including the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, Fort Jefferson, Castillo De San Marcos, and various canals, bridges, and monuments.

The impact of the scores of individuals who have learned the art of masonry preservation by working alongside Dom can be measured through the improved condition of many of this nationís most treasured landmarks, and  it is for these lifetime achievement s that Dominic DeRubis was presented the 2011 Askins Achievement Award.








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