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Historic Preservation Training Center   National Park Service     4801A Urbana Pike Frederick, MD  21704

Telephone #:                  301-663-8206                  Fax #:                                301-663-8032

Regular Business Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 M-F



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  HPTC Mission Statement


The Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) is dedicated to the safe preservation and maintenance of national parks or partner facilities by demonstrating outstanding leadership, delivering quality preservation services, and developing educational courses that fulfill the competency requirements of Service employees in the career fields of Historic Preservation Skills, Risk Management, Maintenance, and Planning, Design, and Construction.


 HPTC History

                                   The HPTC was founded in  1977 to meet the growing demand for craft skills development for NPS employees tasked with preserving the thousands of historic structures within the National Park System.  In 1995, the Center joined the NPS Training and Development Division to become one of four NPS Training Centers.

 The HPTC is currently located in Frederick, Maryland.  The headquarters/administrative office is located within the Monocacy National Battlefield at the historic Gambrill House.

  The Shop is located in the historic Jenkins Cannery building in downtown Frederick. The HPTC staff and trainees currently total approximately 70.














































Gambrill House - Administrative Directory

Vacant, Superintendent
Area of Responsibility: Overall Program Administration and Management
Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 109  Fax: (301) 663-8032

Chris Robinson, Deputy Superintendent
Area of Responsibility: Operations Chief and Overall Project Management
(301) 663-8206 ext. 110  Fax: (301) 663-8032
Email: chris_p_robinson@nps.gov

Dorothy Printup, Human Resources Specialist
Area of Responsibility: NPS Historic Preservation Skills and Crafts Career Field Training Manager, Preservation and Skills Training (PAST) Program Manager, HPTC Program Training Manager, SEEP (Coop) Program Manager
Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 101  Fax: (301) 663-8032
Email: dorothy_printup@nps.gov

Vacant, Facility Manager Specialist (Training)     Area of Responsibility: Facility Management, Training, Safety, Maintenance Academy                       Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 134  Fax: (301) 663-8032                                                          Email:

Sarah Polzin, Human Resource Specialist
Area of Responsibility:
Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 115  Fax: (301) 663-8032
Email: sarah_polzin@nps.gov

Sharon Roof, Information Technology Specialist                                                      Area of Responsibility: ADP Technical Support, Local Area Network and Lotus Notes Administrator, Webmaster                                                             Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 116  Fax: (301) 663-8032
Email: sharon_roof@nps.gov

Sheila Rushlow, Contract Specialist                Area of Responsibility: Contracting and Purchasing Office:  (301) 663-8206 ext. 103  Fax: (301) 663-8032                             Email: sheila_rushlow@nps.gov

Russell Eury, Administrative Support Assistant Area of Responsibility:  Payroll and Property Management                                                         Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 100  Fax: (301) 663-8032                                                                 Email: russell_eury@nps.gov

Carol J Burkhard, Budget Analyst
Area of Responsibility: Budget
Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 132  Fax: (301) 663-8032
Email: carol_j_burkhard@nps.gov

Michael Clarke, Contract Specialist                         Area of Responsibility:                               Assistant to Contract Specialist in Contracting and Purchasing                                                Office:  (301) 663-8206 ext. 108  Fax: (301) 663-8032                             Email: michael_clarke@nps.gov 

Stephanie Doyle, Administrative Assistant      Area of Responsibility: Administrative Staff Support Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 102  Fax: (301) 663-8032                                    Email: stephanie_doyle@nps.gov

Jamie Geisler, Administrative Assistant              Area of Responsibility: Travel, Administrative Staff Support                                                       Office: (301) 663-8206 ext. 111  Fax: (301) 663-8032                                                          Email: jamie_geisler@nps.gov

Note:  Section Supervisors and Assistants are listed under their appropriate section in the right toolbar.

Historic Preservation Training Center Directory