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  HPTC Mission Statement




The Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) is dedicated to the safe preservation and maintenance of national parks or partner facilities by demonstrating outstanding leadership, delivering quality preservation services, and developing educational courses that fulfill the competency requirements of Service employees in the career fields of Historic Preservation Skills, Risk Management, Maintenance, and Planning, Design, and Construction.


 HPTC History

                                   The HPTC was founded in  1977 to meet the growing demand for craft skills development for NPS employees tasked with preserving the thousands of historic structures within the National Park System.  In 1995, the Center joined the NPS Training and Development Division to become one of four NPS Training Centers.

 The HPTC is currently located in Frederick, Maryland. The headquarters/administrative office is located within the Monocacy National Battlefield at the historic Gambrill House.

  The Shop is located in the historic Jenkins Cannery building in downtown Frederick. The HPTC staff and trainees currently total approximately 70.

























































































News, Events, and Announcements

New WASO L&D Announces Second Century Civil War Monument Conservation Practicum Program

WASO L&D will be hosting a classroom event for sharing information and knowledge concerning the preservation of outdoor monuments located in the Civil War National Parks. It is expected that participants from National Park Service (NPS) Civil War parks and invited monument conservation experts will share and learn about common problems and solutions typical to monument evaluation, conservation, repair and maintenance by open discussion. Invited experts in metal and masonry sculpture conservation and maintenance and memorial landscape preservation, will make presentations.  Participants will share their park monument conservation experiences  in facilitated “Conversations”  with other NPS personnel directly involved with the operation, management, and application of monument care in parks. For more information, please review the following links.

Program Details

Event Application

Travel Scholarship Application


HPTC 2011 Training Summary

The Learning and Development Team of the Historic Preservation Training Center had its most productive year in FY11 with a 210% increase in L&D funding and tuition reimbursements from partners over FY10.  This huge funding increase was able to be managed due to the addition of a third Training Manager.  Accomplishments for the Facility Maintenance Career Academy can be summarized as follows:

·    Historic Preservation Craft Skills: 46 events, 973 participants, 33,800 Learning Hours accomplished through formalized skills training; NPS Maintenance staff working details alongside HPTC day-labor crafts-persons; and public outreach events with local, state or federal government partners.

·    PAST Program: The Preservation and Skills Training Program Class of 2011-2013 commenced The Class of 2010-2012 continued to work on their projects.  This is the first time two classes has run consecutively, a sure sign that the breadth and scope of historic preservation skill knowledge is increasing in Parks across the country.

·    Facility Maintenance Skills: 28 events, 417 participants, 14,280 Learning Hours touching on topics such as Photovoltaic System Design and Maintenance, Waste Water Operator skills; Heavy Equipment Operator Safety Training.

·    Landscape Management and Preservation: Training to 140 NPS employees in Orchard Management, Grounds and Tree Equipment Safety and Arboriculture.

·    Mott Training Center Partnerships (California State Parks): provided training to 49 NPS employees in Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical Skills and Trails Management.

·    Maintenance Academy Website Design:  Completed a website wireframe and entered into an agreement NCPTT for their services in designing and hosting the Academy Website.

·    Social Media: HPTC launched a Facebook page as an additional means of bringing information and interest to the Facility Maintenance Workforce.


Exhibit Specialists Complete Three Year Training Program

Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) training program participants were presented with Certificates of Completion for the Center’s Three Year Program in Historic Preservation at an awards ceremony held on Monday, October 4, 2010 at the Jenkins Cannery shop facility. Exhibit Specialists Mark Andros, Lucas M. Flickinger, Kari J. Grabinski, Eric A. Hutchinson, and Brown D. Truslow were presented with arrowhead plaques and completion certificates by HPTC Superintendent Tom McGrath.

The Three Year Historic Preservation Training Program for Exhibits Specialists was begun in 1977.  Individuals that have previous experience in the building crafts, architecture, or materials conservation are competitively selected for the program. The program is primarily on-the-job developmental training, exclusively focused on the repair and preservation of historic structures through an intense series of developmental experiences.  The developmental experiences are designed to provide a diversity of project work experience including, geographic, cultural, craft, and historic resource types.  This diversity of work experiences also emphasizes a variety of approaches to the treatment of historic properties. Each trainee follows a self-directed work-centered competency-based course of study. By direct involvement in projects ever increasing in complexity, the trainee develops expertise in a specific craft skill or the technical management of projects.  Sixty seven employees have completed the program and transferred to positions in parks throughout the National Park Service.


NPS Employee Training Program Overview

The HPTC offers a three year training program for Exhibits Specialists (Restoration). Competitively selected individuals have had some previous experience or education in building crafts, architecture, or materials conservation and have career goals directed towards positions that involve responsibility for the treatment of historic structures within the NPS.

Each trainee follows a self-directed competency  based curriculum that includes:

  • preservation philosophy based on the latest historic preservation laws, regulations, and guidelines
  • identification, evaluation, documentation, and preservation of historic structures
  • identification and application of preservation techniques for various building materials and technologies
  • an understanding of the health and safety issues associated with working on historic structures
  • knowledge of preservation project management

By direct involvement in projects ever increasing in complexity, the trainee develops expertise in a specific craft skill or the technical management of projects. 

Upon certification and completion of the training program, trainees seek career positions within the National Park Service.

Throughout the year, the HPTC also offers short training events beyond the three-year program. Seminars, on-site skills training, and workshops are scheduled for NPS or other federal, state, and local government employees. The HPTC staff will travel to parks or other locations to conduct this training or will host it in the Frederick, Maryland headquarters office and surrounding vicinity.

Recent events have included:

Evaluation Report for PAST Program

Instructors are drawn from NPS staff and experts across the country.  Most events are 40 hours or less and are of such a specialized nature that it is generally not offered by other training centers. Custom designed courses can be developed to address unique requirements of a client.

Skills learned in the field and in the classroom can be taken by the employee to share with other staff members. Most classroom training is accompanied by printed materials and manuals. The employee's professional development and the heightened awareness of preservation philosophy and appropriate techniques aids in the long-term effective management of cultural resources.










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