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“my fellow citizens, we cannot escape history.”

-Abraham Lincoln-



"CW150" is an abbreviation for the National Park Service's, The Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War "Civil War to Civil Rights: Experience Your America: 2009-2015". This initiative commemorates the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War. The theme "Civil War to Civil Rights" illustrates the influences and long-range effects of the Civil War on the lives of Americans from all backgrounds that continue to drive the political and CW150 groupsocial landscape of our country.


The Office of Tourism's role in this initiative is to utilize the landmark anniversary to demonstrate several of the following principles of the NPS National Tourism Strategic Plan:


1. Building capacity through partnerships

2. Erecting a national branding platform

3. Highlighting lesser known parks

4. Joint cooperative marketing projects among gateway community partners

5. Economic recovery though the accelerating stimulus of consumer spending on travel


In addition, through the CW 150 project, a diverse population of visitors will be afforded the opportunity to make connections to the stories, connections that lead to increased public awareness and repeat visitation by those who are familiar with the National Park Service and other who are not. This approach will build a broader foundation of support for stewardship of our resources.


CW150 Regional Coordinators


Coordinators of CW150 by region

CW150 Concept Paper

This document is our vision of how CW150 relates to the Strategic Tourism Plan and describes the market coalition that we have formed for this observance.

CW150 Kickoff Press Release

The article describes the national kickoff event that was held in Harper's Ferry in June of 2009.

National Capital Region Meets to Prepare for CW150

In September, the first meeting in a series, to prepare for CW150, representatives from parks in the National Capital Region met in Harper's Ferry. Partners and park officials talked about progress that has been made and initiatives for the future.

Civil Wars Trails Article on CW150

Civil War Trails, a partner of the NPS, met to brainstorm ideas and involvement on the CW150 commemoration.

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