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Sonoran Collared Lizard

sonoran collared lizard

Sonoran Collared Lizard

NPS Photo

Sonoran Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus nebrius

Body length: 3 - 4 1/2"
Diet: Insects, lizards, and plants

Large, fast, and often brightly colored, the Sonoran collared lizard is one of the most impressive lizards in Arizona. Its body color ranges from brown to an almost emerald green, with white spots on the back, bold yellow on the head, and distinctive black neck bands. Collared lizards are not common, but are day-active, or diurnal, and can be very conspicuous when present. They occur throughout Tonto National Monument in rocky areas; look for them on warm spring mornings on the Lower and Upper Cliff Dwelling trails.

Collared lizards rely on speed to catch and eat insects and other lizards. Like some dinosaurs and a few other lizards, they can run on their hind legs, using their long, powerful tail for balance.

Did You Know?


The inhabitants of the area in and around Tonto National Monument created beautiful pottery and textiles. Many of the artifacts found here are on display in the museum.