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Night Snake

night snake

Night Snake

NPS Photo

Night Snake
Hypsiglena torquata

Body length: 12 - 26"
Diet: Lizards, small snakes, and amphibians

True to their name, night snakes are largely night-active, or nocturnal. Like cats, rattlesnakes, and many other nocturnal creatures, the pupils of their eyes are elliptical, rather than round. It is thought that this feature gives night-dwelling animals the ability to allow light to enter more selectively into their sensitive eyes. They probably occur throughout Tonto National Monument.

Prey items of night snakes include blind snakes, lizards, and probably ground snakes and black-headed snakes. They are mildly venomous, with enlarged rear fangs, but are not harmful to humans.

Did You Know?

snow in the desert

Tonto National Monument averages 15" of rain annually. Snow is a rare occurrence, but as long as temperatures remain above freezing, the saguaros don't seem to mind!