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Taxidea taxus

Body length: 18 - 22"
Diet: Rodents

Like skunks, otters, and wolverines, badgers are members of the weasel family. In addition to their ferocity in encounters with other mammals such as coyotes and domestic dogs, these stout animals are well-known for their digging abilities. With extremely strong claws and muscular legs, badgers construct deep underground dens and dig to find their food, which includes mice, squirrels, birds, and snakes.

Badgers appear to be residents at Tonto, and are sometimes observed in the northern areas of the Monument, in the vicinity of Route 188. In general, they favor flat, open areas with few shrubs. Badgers are solitary except during the mating season; two to five offspring are born each year.

Did You Know?


The inhabitants of the area in and around Tonto National Monument created beautiful pottery and textiles. Many of the artifacts found here are on display in the museum.