Colorado River Toad

colorado river toad

Colorado River Toad

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Colorado River Toad
Bufo alvarius

Body length: 4 - 7 1/2"
Diet: Insects, especially Pinacate beetles, centipedes, amphibians, etc.

Colorado River toads are sometimes mistaken for bullfrogs because of their large size and relatively smooth skin. The prominent bumps below the eyes are called parotoid glands, which are characteristic of true toads. These glands and the skin contain organic substances which are toxic, and have been known to paralyze or kill dogs.

Sometimes called the Sonoran Desert toad, this is our largest western toad, reaching a length of over 7 inches (not including legs)! It ranges throughout the Monument and is well-adapted to desert life. Like most desert toads, Colorado River toads are active almost exclusively at night, particularly during or after summer rains.

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