Canyon Treefrog

canyon treefrog

Canyon Treefrog

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Canyon Treefrog
Hyla arenicolor

Body length: 1 1/4 - 2 1/4"
Diet: Insects and arthropods

Frogs are usually associated with cool, wet places, but this frog can be found out in the sun on some of summer's hottest days - though actually seeing them can be a challenge. Canyon treefrogs are masters of camouflage, with an uncanny ability to quickly match their skin color to the patterns of natural rock. If you look closely in rocky pool areas, you might find one pressed against a rock overlooking the water, using its adhesive foot pads to cling to the surface. In spite of its name, this species is rarely found in trees.

At Tonto National Monument, canyon treefrogs occur in the creek near the Visitor Center. Starting in March, they can be heard calling at sunset, and sometimes during the day. The call is a strange bleating sound. Only males call, hoping to convince females that the pools below are ideal for the survival of eggs and tadpoles.

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