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Who Am I - page 3

mystery animal track # 9

mystery animal track # 9

I wear a mask, but I am not a bandit. Who am I?

a raccoon
a wolverine
a housecat
a wolf

mystery animal track # 10

mystery animal track # 10

I get my name from the size of my ears. Who am I?

a mule deer
an elephant deer
a jackrabbit deer
a white-tailed deer

mystery animal track # 11

mystery animal track # 11

My fur can be any color from black to white. In cartoons, I am always looking for picnic baskets. Who am I?

a bear
a sponge
a Great Dane
a mouse

mystery animal track # 12

mystery animal track #12

I get my name from my large hind feet, and the way I move around. Who am I?

a kangaroo rat
a rabbit rat
a frog rat
a duck rat

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Did You Know?

striped skunk

Four different varieties of skunk have been seen at Tonto National Monument - the hooded, hog-nosed, striped, and spotted. They may look different, but they all smell the same! More...