• Sunrise over the Fort George River in the Timucuan Preserve.


    Ecological & Historic Preserve Florida


Ranger at visitor center and bookstore desk

Talk with staff at the bookstore.

Purchases made at the bookstores in the preserve support the park. The bookstores are managed by Eastern National, a cooperating association of the National Park Service.

Cooperating associations help educate park visitors about the national park system through the sale of educational products support park programs and projects not readily achievable by federal funds and personnel. Cooperating associations enhance visits to the national park system by operating bookstores, developing educational products and supporting the educational/interpretive programs of the National Park Service.

National park items are also available on Eastern National's website: www.eparks.com

Did You Know?

Pareja's Confessionario

The first translation of a Native American language into a European language – Timucuan to Spanish - occurred on lands within the Timucuan Preserve in the late 1500s. Fray Francisco Pareja did this translation at the Catholic mission of San Juan del Puerto on present day Ft. George Island. More...