• Sunrise over the Fort George River in the Timucuan Preserve.


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MP3 - Fort Caroline

Photo of Park Guide Ashleigh Boice

Listen to France in North America (3.5 minutes, mp3, 1.2 MB), the Fort Caroline story, read by Park Guide Ashleigh Boice.

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Photo of Park Ranger Dan Tardona

Listen to Native Floridians: The Timucua (2.25 min, 840 KB, mp3), read by Interpretive Specialist Dan Tardona.

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Photo of Park Ranger Craig Morris

Learn about the life of Willie Browne (2.1 min, 753 KB, mp3), who originally donated what is now the Theodore Roosevelt Area as a gift to the American people. Read by Park Ranger Craig Morris.

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Did You Know?

Florida Territorial Governor William Pope Duval

One of the Huguenot inhabitants of la Caroline had the surname of "DuVal.” Jacksonville, Florida, where the national memorial is located, is within Duval County which is named for Florida's first civilian territorial governor, William Pope Duval, a Huguenot descendant. More...