Lesson Plan

Kingsley Timeline

A map of the plantation complex on Fort George Island.


This timeline activity guides students through the story of the Kingsley family while highlighting key moments in Florida's history. 


Students will identify key dates in Florida history and compare them to the life of Zephaniah Kingsley as a resident of northeast Florida by matching the correct date with the correct event on a timeline.


The time line is presented as a post-tour activity because some research will be necessary to identify and connect the dates and events. Information from the field trip may need to be reviewed as a group. Some answers can be found in the exhibits at Kingsley Plantation and some can be reasoned out. Students may need assistance in locating other information. This activity could make a great media center research project.



Visit Kingsley Plantation on a field trip. Explain that timelines help us understand the order in which things happen and show the connection of different events. The time line in this activity has two sides. The left side shows dates related to Kingsley Plantation and the events in Zephaniah Kingsley's life. The right side lists some of the "bigger events" of history - what was happening in North America or abroad. Pass out the included worksheet.
Match events on the left with dates on the left side of the line. Draw a line from the event to the correct date (Jean Ribault and the Patriots Rebellion are already done for you).
Match events on the right with dates on the right side of the line. Draw a line from the event to the correct date.


(Left side) Kingsley comes to Florida - 1803 Kingsley purchases Ft. George Island - 1817 Kingsley appointed to Legislative Council - 1823 Writes Treatise in Response to laws discriminating against race- 1829 Kingsley relocates family to "Hayti"- 1837 Kingsley sells Ft. George to K.B. Gibbs - 1839 Kingsley dies in New York - 1843

(Right) East Florida becomes British colony - 1763 Florida becomes a colony of Spain (for the second time) - 1783 Importation of slaves declared illegal in United States - 1808 War of 1812 - 1812 Florida becomes American territory - 1821 Florida becomes a State - 1845 Civil War begins - 1861 January 1 of this year, Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation giving freedom to slaves - 1863 End of Civil War – 1865  


rebellion, importation, emancipation