Lesson Plan

Fort Caroline Scavenger Hunt

french and timucua
Exhibits display the early interactions between the French and Timucua.


This program will guide you through the park exhibits beginning at the St. John's river lookout behind the visitor center and continuing to the fort.


By founding the Fort Caroline settlement, France attempted to gain a foothold in a part of the New World previously claimed only by Spain. Eventually, these two European countries would fight for permanent control of Florida. France was experiencing a time of religious civil war between the Protestants, known as the Huguenots, and the Roman Catholics. Florida became the ideal opportunity to reunite the people of France in two ways: giving the Huguenots a place to settle where they could worship freely and building a base from which to attack the Spanish ships traveling along the Florida coast on their way back to Spain. It wasn't long before Spain reacted to the French presence in Florida.  


The scavenger hunt is an ideal tool for facilitating learning with large groups of students unable to receive a ranger guided program.


This is an on-site activity for touring the grounds of Fort Caroline National Memorial. Teachers will print out the scavenger hunt and schedule a field trip prior to arriving. This activity can be done in small groups to conserve paper. 


When the group arrives on-site a teacher will check in with rangers in the Visitor Center. Bathrooms and picnic facilities are are available just outside of the Visitor Center. The scavenger hunt begins just north of the site along the river, ask a ranger for directions.

Park Connections

Call 904.641.7155 to schedule a field trip.


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