• Sunrise over the Fort George River in the Timucuan Preserve.


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People at Kingsley Plantation

Over the one hundred years of the plantation era on Fort George Island, hundreds of men, women, and children lived with the institution of slavery. A few were free and owned the majority of residents on the island - the enslaved workers.

At Kingsley Plantation, you can walk in the footsteps of those people, and learn their life stories. For more information on the people of Kingsley Plantation, choose:

Kingsley Family

Slave Community

Did You Know?

Pareja's Confessionario

The first translation of a Native American language into a European language – Timucuan to Spanish - occurred on lands within the Timucuan Preserve in the late 1500s. Fray Francisco Pareja did this translation at the Catholic mission of San Juan del Puerto on present day Ft. George Island. More...