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Chronology of Fort Caroline

Exploration through Destruction

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Ribault's First Expedition

18 Feb. 1562 - Ribault leaves le Havre
30 April - Ribault reaches the FL coast
1 May - He finds entrance of River of May
May 1563 - Ribault's book on FL is published in England

Laudonniere's Expedition

22 Apr. 1564 - Laudonniere leaves le Havre
22 June - He arrives off the coast of FL
25 June - He reaches River of May
25 June - He meets Saturiwa (Chief)
30 June - Founding of la Caroline
13 Nov. - Thirteen men desert the colony
May-June 1565 - Famine at la Caroline

Ribault's Second Expedition

22 Mar. 1565 - Menendez assigned to conquer Florida
26 May - Ribault leaves France
14 Aug. - Ribault reaches Florida coast
15 Aug. - Menendez leaves Puerto Rico with 5 vessels
25 Aug. - Menendez in sight of FL
28 Aug. - Ribault lands with reinforcements
4 Sept. - Menendez discovers Ribault's ships
8 Sept. - Menendez moves south and establishes St. Augustine
10-23 Sept. - Ribault's fleet sets out and destroyed by storms
17 Sept. - Menendez begins march on Fort Caroline
20 Sept. - Spanish capture Fort Caroline
25 Sept. - Two ships leave for France
29 Sept. - First massacre
10 Oct. - Menendez hears of Ribault's shipwreck
12 Oct. - Second massacre, Ribault slain
15 Nov. - Laudonniere arrives in England

De Gourgue' Expedition

Aug. 1567 - De Gourges departs

22 April 1568 - He lands in Florida

4 April - He takes the 2 Spanish forts

27 April - Captures Fort San Mateo (Fort Caroline)

27-28 April - Massacre of the Spaniards

3 May - De Gourgues leaves Florida

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Did You Know?

16th century French flag

The flag that flies over Fort Caroline is a sixteenth century French flag with “fleur de lis” heraldic symbols in gold on a blue background. The "fleur de lis" is an unoffical symbol of France. More...