• Sunrise over the Fort George River in the Timucuan Preserve.


    Ecological & Historic Preserve Florida

Tips for Teachers

Following these guidelines makes a trip to the park enjoyable for everyone. It is the teacher's responsibility to share this information with chaperones and students prior to arrival at the park. If you have any special needs, please contact park staff. These guidelines apply to self and ranger guided programs.

  1. Reservations are required; the size of our facility is limited.
  2. Stay on the trails!
  3. Only 30 people can tour the Timucuan Preserve Visitor Center at one time.
  4. Leaders are responsible for group behavior.
  5. A minimum of one chaperone for every ten students is required.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather. Be prepared for biting insects.

Did You Know?

Historic drawing of a Timucua man with his hair in a top know

Timucua warriors wore their hair in a top knot, which made them appear taller. Historic drawings of Timucua and French contact show the Timucua to be of greater stature than the French. More...