• Sunrise over the Fort George River in the Timucuan Preserve.


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For Teachers

Planning a field trip? Want to find out how to make a reservation? Wondering what programs and materials are available? This is the page for you!

The Preserve offers self-guided and ranger-led programs at a variety of sites, including Fort Caroline and Kingsley Plantation. Schedules of what we have to offer vary by site, so explore a little and find a program that matches your needs.

Whether planning a ranger-guided or self-guided visit be sure to check out our scavenger hunts, activities, and lesson plans under Parks as Classrooms.

Interested in attending a Project Archaeology teacher workshop at Kingsley Plantation? Click here to learn more.

For ideas on other parks to visit and curriculum materials, visit the LearnNPS page.

Did You Know?

Historic drawing of a Timucua man with his hair in a top know

Timucua warriors wore their hair in a top knot, which made them appear taller. Historic drawings of Timucua and French contact show the Timucua to be of greater stature than the French. More...