• Sunrise over the Fort George River in the Timucuan Preserve.


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Clash of Cultures Classroom Activities

Get the most out of your class visit to Fort Caroline by incorporating these activities into your lesson plans. Whether you will be receiving a ranger-led program or guiding your own group, these activities will help reinforce the material your students are learning and make for a more memorable field trip.

Teacher Tip: If you plan to do any of the post-visit activities, we recommended that you read those through before visitng the park as they may contain information or questions that you should pose to your class during the field trip.

Pre-Visit Activities

Post-Visit Activities

Did You Know?

Florida Territorial Governor William Pope Duval

One of the Huguenot inhabitants of la Caroline had the surname of "DuVal.” Jacksonville, Florida, where the national memorial is located, is within Duval County which is named for Florida's first civilian territorial governor, William Pope Duval, a Huguenot descendant. More...