• A water drop clings onto the edge of a orange stalactite, surrounded by white stalactites.

    Timpanogos Cave

    National Monument Utah

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  • Cave tour tickets

    When you purchase your tickets on recreation.gov, the time options listed will be for your hike time, which is the time you should pick up your tickets at the visitor center. Plan on 3-4 hours from that time, round trip.

Things To Know Before You Come

Top Ten Tips to make your visit to Timpanogos Cave National Monument more enjoyable:

10. Timpanogos Caves may only be entered with a ranger on a guided tour. Cave tours are offered daily throughout the summer season, May-September.

9. Cave tours are 45-60 minutes long and are limited to 16 persons per tour. Cave tours often sell out especially on holidays and weekends. Tickets for the cave tour can be purchased up to 30 days in advance, online or by telephone. Advanced tickets are strongly recommended. See Fees and Reservations for more information.

8. To help prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome, a disease that is killing millions of bats in North America, the Monument prohibits any boots, clothing, or gear (including cameras) that have been in ANY other cave or mine at ANY time.

7. The cave temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit. A light jacket and closed-toe walking shoes are recommended.

6. Access to the caves requires hiking a 1 1/2 mile paved trail. Because of the steepness and incline of the cave trail, strollers and other wheeled vehicles (including wheelchairs) are not allowed. A video of the cave tour is available at the visitor center for those unable to make the climb. External frame packs, including baby carriers, are prohibited in the cave. Infants may be carried through the cave in front packs. Visitors with large backpacks will also be asked to leave their backpacks outside while they tour the caves. Small backpacks and fanny packs may be taken through the caves, provided they meet size restrictions.

5. It is strongly recommended that you carry at least one liter of water PER PERSON on the hike to the caves. Temperatures can reach over 100 degrees during the hot summer months.

4. No pets are allowed on the cave trail or in the caves. In accordance with the ADA, service animals are allowed on the cave trail and in the caves.

3. No food, drink, candy, tobacco, or gum is allowed in the cave. Flash photography is allowed, but tripods and monopods are not.

2. No hiking sticks are allowed in the caves. Visitors will be asked to leave their hiking sticks outside while they tour the caves. Collapsible hiking sticks may be carried through the caves if they are fully collapsed. Canes are allowed.

1. There are no restrooms inside of the caves. Visitors are encouraged to use the last chance restrooms outside of the Hansen Cave entrance before taking their tour.

Our top tip: encourage everyone in your group to use the last chance restroom at the cave entrance. There are no restrooms inside the caves.
Our top tip: encourage everyone in your group to use the last chance restroom. There are no restrooms inside of the caves.

Did You Know?

drapery cave formation

Cave Draperies, or Cave Bacon, form as calcite rich water trickles down an inclined bedrock surface. Over thousands of years a thin line of calcite builds up along the wall as water follows this same path over and over. These formations appear in caves in all different shapes, sizes and colors.