• A water drop clings onto the edge of a orange stalactite, surrounded by white stalactites.

    Timpanogos Cave

    National Monument Utah


Planning Your Visit (344KB .pdf)
Download this brochure for a quick reference to common questions. Learn about purchasing advanced tickets for cave tours, preparing for your hike, tour fees, safety and getting to the monument.

Reflections-American Fork Canyon Visitor Guide 2012 (1.98MB .pdf)
Dowload this newspaper for a handy reference to recreation in American Fork Canyon. Includes information on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Access a map, tips for planning your canyon visit, kids activites and more!

Discover National Park Caves (1.36MB .pdf)
Introductory brochure to caves throughout the National Park System.

Caves and Karst in the U.S. National Park Service (3.36MB .pdf)
Large format map showing all the cave and karst resources cared for by the National Park Service. Includes a list of the longest caves in the National Park System and pictures.

Did You Know?


Timpanogos Cave is known for its high concentration of helictites - a spiraling cave formation that seems to defy gravity. Helictites are formed when calcite crystals and dissolved impurities are forced out of a tiny central canal in the helictite by hydrostatic pressure.