Volunteers assisting at historic rockhouse

Volunteers paint the roof on a historical structure

Volunteers are a vital part of Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Volunteers have spent countless hours helping preserve Timpanogos Cave and the surrounding resources. Help is appreciated from individuals or groups. There are many ways people can help.

BATS - Behind A Tour Specialists are typically teens ages 14-18 whose primary responsibility is to follow the tours and help the rangers with whatever is needed. Typically the last one in the tour group, they keep an eye on visitors to see if assistance is needed and to ensure the cave is well protected.

Trail Patrol Volunteers - Adult volunteers help patrol the trail, assisting people as needed when they hike, being a uniformed presence on the trail, reminding about the rules if necessary, and being available to help a lost child or hiker in distress.

Service - Volunteers help staff the information desk in the visitor center, work in a cave restoration group, or assisting with re-vegetation projects. Youth groups and others are welcome to come and work on one-time projects, as well as projects for Boy Scout or Girl Scout advancement.

Student interns work with every division in the park, depending on the student's area of focus.

For information on volunteering in any division, call the Timpanogos Cave Volunteer Coordinator at (801) 756-5239

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