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  • Five different park maps showing various NPS units with four closed and one open.

    This is a classroom based, free teacher led program. National Park Legacy Voyagers is designed for ninth through twelfth grade students so they can go on an exploration of National Park Sites and learn about National Parks. Lesson plans include reading, writing, community service, presenting activities. Activities focus on cultural and natural resources and reasons for national parks. Activities feature budgeting and planning activity.

    Lesson Plan
    Grade level:
    Ninth Grade-Twelfth Grade
    Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Earth Science, Geology, History, Oceans
    National Parks, legacy, cultural resources, natural resources, heritage, climate change, careers, Wildland-Urban Interface
  • Thomas Stone National Historic Site

    History on Trial

    History on Trial

    What would have happened if....
    In 1777, one year after signing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Stone had been captured by the British?

    Students will search for clues to his innocence or guilt and in a mock trial to determine if Thomas Stone was a traitor to Great Britain or an American Patriot for signing the Declaration of Independence. Will your class find him guilty or innocent?

    The program will address both Maryland Curriculum Standards and Virginia Standards of Learning.