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  • Road Closures

    The Scenic Drives in the North and South Units may be closed due to winter weather conditions. For current road status, click on the link below: More »

  • North Unit Road Closure

    The North Unit Scenic Drive will be closed at the Caprock Coulee parking area while repairs are in progress. Repairs may be delayed because of weather conditions, but are expected to be completed by May 15.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout Rangers


Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who complete the requirements can earn the Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger patch.


Individual Patch

This an individual award for scouts who participate for a minimum of 10 hours in an organized education program and/or volunteer service project at a national park unit.

Qualifying organized educational programs include:

  • Ranger-guided interpretive tour
  • Cultural or historic demonstration program
  • Junior Ranger program
  • Natural environmental and resources education program
  • Any other official NPS education program

Qualifying volunteer service projects include any organized project that helps and enhances the natural and/or cultural resources of a park unit. Volunteer service can include - but is not limited to - performing trail restoration, campsite cleanup, and any activities for which the park identifies an appropriate volunteer opportunity.

Scouts can qualify for this patch as a part of a troop unit or as an individual.

Scouts are on their honor to report their activities and time accurately. Scouts will be awarded a patch upon verbally reporting their completion of the program requirements to a park ranger.

All volunteer service project hours will be recorded under the Volunteers in Parks Program (VIP).

All scouts will need to sign a volunteer agreement in order to participate in a volunteer service project.

All participants under 18 years of age will need parental permission in order to participate in a volunteer service project.

All scouts completing the requirements for the Junior Ranger program will also qualify for a Junior Ranger badge.

Contact Us to ask about the program and how you can participate!

Did You Know?


Coyotes and badgers both benefit by cooperating to catch prairie dogs. The badger tunnels into the prairie dog burrow after its prey while the coyote waits by the exit to catch prairie dogs fleeing from the badger. More...