• Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Theodore Roosevelt

    National Park North Dakota

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  • Road Construction

    Visitors to the South Unit may experience up to 30 minute delays and rough road conditions due to road construction along East River Road. Check at South Unit Visitor Center for current road conditions. Updated 07/09/2014 5:16 pm MT

Park Acreage by Unit

Total Acreage by Unit
South Unit 46,158.57
North Unit 24,070.32
Elkhorn Ranch Unit 218
Total Acreage 70,446.89

Acreage by Type
Federal Acreage 69,702.12
Non-federal Acreage 774.77

Wilderness Area Acreage
North Unit 19,410
South Unit 10,510
Total 29,920

Did You Know?

Prairie Dog

Prairie dogs are often persecuted for their apparent destructiveness to the plants in their towns. Although they do keep the grass's growth to a minimum, the rodent's foraging habits promote the growth of forbs, upon which other grazing animals such as bison, elk, deer, horses, and pronghorns feed. More...