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Two of Roosevelt's favorite stories to tell of his time in the Dakota Territory were that of the Bar Fight in Mingusville, and the adventure of the Boat Thief Pursuit.

Theodore Roosevelt was one of our nation's most prolific writers. He wrote many well-received books on Naval History, American History, and biographies. A quarter-million of his letters have survived. He also wrote keen natural histories, especially of wildlife. As an adolescent, he wrote what was at the time the best bird guide to the birds of Long Island. While in the Dakota Territory in his 20s, Roosevelt also wrote with terrific detail and prose of his experiences in the wilds. Books including Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman, and The Wilderness Hunter each provide insight to the romantic attachment Roosevelt had to the West and prove a testament to his apt ability to artfully describe the scene and his experiences.

Did You Know?

The Little Missouri River has carved the badlands over the last 600,000 years.

The Little Missouri River began to carve the badlands about 600,000 years ago during the Pleistocene Epoch. The river formerly ran to Hudson Bay, but the glaciers diverted it into the Missouri River. More...