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    Theodore Roosevelt

    National Park North Dakota

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"The preservation of the useful and beautiful animal and bird life of the country depends largely upon creating in the young an interest in the life of the woods and fields."
Theodore Roosevelt

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Things for Kids to Do

There's a lot for kids to see and do in Theodore Roosevelt National Park! You can see lots of animals, roast marshmallows over a campfire, hike a trail, go horseback riding, see a ranger program, and even become a Junior Ranger!

Earn your own Junior Ranger badge when you come to the park by participating in the Junior Ranger Program. You can also become a WebRanger from home! Learn how to Be A Junior Ranger.

Become a member of the Badlands Club! Ask a ranger at the South Unit Visitor Center for an activity sheet and answer the questions about the exhibits. When you have completed the questions you will become a member of the Badlands Club and earn a sticker! This activity is available for visitors of all ages.

Kids can also print coloring pages, build a model of Theodore Roosevelt's cabin, and more on the Park Fun page.

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