• A 1901 sketch of Theodore Roosevelt taking the oath of office in Buffalo, NY.

    Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural

    National Historic Site New York

September 7, 1901

Roosevelt arrived in Buffalo by train on Saturday afternoon, September 7th. He was on his way to the Iroquois Hotel when he was met by Ansley Wilcox and invited to stay at his home for the duration of his visit. While at the Wilcox home, Roosevelt met with the President's Cabinet, various Senators and Congressmen and also the press. He wanted to reassure the nation of McKinley's promised recovery. He visited President McKinley and dined at several other residences.


Did You Know?

Woman c. 1900

While Theodore Roosevelt did not make significant progress towards the cause of women's suffrage during his presidency, he did speak in favor of it during his 1912 presidential campaign as the "Bull Moose" (Progressive) Party candidate. More...