• A 1901 sketch of Theodore Roosevelt taking the oath of office in Buffalo, NY.

    Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural

    National Historic Site New York

Park Statistics

National Register of Historic Places - November 2, 1966
National Historic Site - November 2, 1966

Gross Area Acres for FY 2004 - 1
Gross Area Acres for FY 2003 - 1

Total Recreation Visits for FY 2004- 13,753
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2003- 15,863

FY 2004 Annual Budget is $210,000
FY 2003 Annual Budget is $212,000

Did You Know?

Erie Canal and canal boat

Buffalo, NY rose to prominence as a center for trade, located on the Great Lakes and the Erie Canal. As Governor of New York, Theodore Roosevelt had authorized the last major upgrade to the Erie Canal System. More...