• A 1901 sketch of Theodore Roosevelt taking the oath of office in Buffalo, NY.

    Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural

    National Historic Site New York

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Nat hard at work in the historic design office of the Olmsted firm.
Wow! This isn't as easy as it looks.
Nat researching on the Buffalo Park system, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.
Nat taking time to smell the flowers.
Proving once and for all that bears CAN climb trees.
Watering the lawn with the help of some new friends.

Did You Know?

President William McKinley

When President William McKinley was shot in 1901, he was the third American president to be assassinated in 36 years. Abraham Lincoln had died in 1865, and James Garfield had been assassinated in 1881, only 20 years earlier. More...